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Project Love is a school-based, character-development initiative of Values-in-Action Foundation.

Values-in-Action Foundation is a character-building education and training organization. Through school workshops, community events, leadership training and media programs, Values-in-Action empowers teens and adults to build communities of kindness, caring and respect by putting their values-in-action wherever they go.

Purple America is a national initiative of Values-in-Action Foundation to re-focus the American conversation to a civil, productive and respectful dialogue around our shared values. To see America's shared values and get involved, go to



Winning @ the Game of Life

The Winning @ the Game of Life program curriculum can be applied in both middle and high schools on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with a trained Project Love facilitator working directly with students in the classroom. The program focuses on preparing at-risk teens for the challenges they face as young adults and the life skills needed to graduate and achieve success after high school.

At a time when both school and law enforcement budgets have been drastically cut, this kind of proactive program that increases students’ respect for other students and adults and prevents crime, is just what our schools and communities need. The program fills a clear need identified by individual school principals and students themselves to improve social-emotional learning and create a safer and respectful school climate.

Using the Winning @ the Game of Life curriculum, Project Love has created both of the following school options based on the age group:


READI4Youth (Middle School)     

READI4Youth is an in-school character education and violence prevention program that addresses the importance of character and a positive attitude with urban 10-13-year-olds at a pivotal time in their lives. Through helping each student build positive skills that include anger and impulse management and creating a personal success vision, READI4Youth fosters a more respectful culture for learning in schools, improves school retention and prevents youth delinquency and gang involvement.  READI4Youth impacts kids at a time in their lives when they are deciding whether or not to stay in school and go on to college, join a gang or experiment with illegal substances.  A school-wide, staff training kicks off the year so that educators can reinforce program concepts daily.


Believe to Achieve (High School)

Believe to Achieve is designed to give underserved, high school students the hope, life skills, mentoring and resources they must have to envision a successful future and achieve their full potential. 

With a multi-faceted, four-year program (9th-12th grade), Believe to Achieve enables students to counter negative role models, envision and write a personal success plan, build life skills, access expert resources, and achieve economic self-support. Most importantly, Believe to Achieve provides students with a positive mentor and role model with whom they spend weekly classroom time throughout the school year. Our facilitators play an incredible role in each and every one of the lives of our Believe to Achieve students by offering mentorship, counsel and friendship. This becomes a relationship that continues throughout high school and beyond which, ultimately, impacts the rest of their lives. 

Believe to Achieve:

1.      Helps students gain insight and skills to make more positive behavior choices and reduces the attraction to teen parenthood, unhealthy relationships, and substance abuse

2.      Helps stem massive dropout rate between 9th and 10th grades

3.      Encourages students  to stay academically focused and on track to graduate high school

4.      Provides tutoring for Ohio Graduation Tests and regular academic classes

5.      Encourages students to have a written vision for success and economic self-sufficiency









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