NOTE: In the following months, will be transitioning to as we officially changeover to our new name Values-in-Action Foundation. Information about our Project Love school programming will continue to be available at Please check back frequently for updates as we complete this transition. For questions, please contact our office at 440.442.5683. Thank you.

Project Love is a school-based, character-development initiative of Values-in-Action Foundation.

Values-in-Action Foundation is a character-building education and training organization. Through school workshops, community events, leadership training and media programs, Values-in-Action empowers teens and adults to build communities of kindness, caring and respect by putting their values-in-action wherever they go.

Purple America is a national initiative of Values-in-Action Foundation to re-focus the American conversation to a civil, productive and respectful dialogue around our shared values. To see America's shared values and get involved, go to



School Programs

Build a Culture of Kindness in Your School!

Project Love® programming empowers teens to take the lead in building a culture of kindness, caring and mutual respect in their schools.

Each day in the United States, over 160,000 students stay home from school due to fear of being teased, taunted or bullied. Project Love programming empowers students to examine their choices, and learn how their choices impact others. Unlike programs that tell students what they should do from an authoritative viewpoint, Project Love programs make students aware of the power they have to make a positive difference.

Our seminar programming focuses on interpersonal skills, visioning, team building, action planning, and strategies for carrying out kindness or service projects. With several seminars to choose from, you can create a customized program and a culture of kindness in your school. We also have a full curriculum called "Winning @ the Game of Life" that can be built into either middle schools (via READI4Youth) or high schools (via Believe to Achieve) on a weekly basis for an intensive and in-depth character program. Click here for more information

Project Love® programs can also be used with youth groups through religious organizations, scouting programs, and other organizations.

We have a variety of seminars and programs to choose from. Educators and Administrators can build a program based on the needs of their students.

We invite you to review our programming menu and submit a request for further information. You may also directly contact Mary Alice Casalina, Director of Schools, to discuss your school's needs at 440-442-LOVE (5683).

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