NOTE: In the following months, will be transitioning to as we officially changeover to our new name Values-in-Action Foundation. Information about our Project Love school programming will continue to be available at Please check back frequently for updates as we complete this transition. For questions, please contact our office at 440.442.5683. Thank you.

Project Love is a school-based, character-development initiative of Values-in-Action Foundation.

Values-in-Action Foundation is a character-building education and training organization. Through school workshops, community events, leadership training and media programs, Values-in-Action empowers teens and adults to build communities of kindness, caring and respect by putting their values-in-action wherever they go.

Purple America is a national initiative of Values-in-Action Foundation to re-focus the American conversation to a civil, productive and respectful dialogue around our shared values. To see America's shared values and get involved, go to



Life Insurance

What is it?

Life insurance can be used to fund a charitable gift, permitting you to make a substantial legacy gift for a relatively modest outlay.

How does it work?

You transfer a fully paid existing insurance policy to Project Love® Remember the Children Foundation and name Project Love as the policy's irrevocable owner and beneficiary. Project Love is assured of a guaranteed sum, in cash, at the end of your life to be used for purposes that you specify; OR

You purchase a life insurance policy and name Project Love® Remember the Children Foundation as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary. You make the annual premium payments, for which you may also receive a charitable income tax deduction. At your death, the insurance policy's benefits go to Project Love as an unrestricted gift or for purposes that you specify - for example, to create or augment an unrestricted endowment fund or a special purpose fund.

What are the benefits?

If you itemize your tax return, you may receive a charitable income tax deduction for your gift. A gift of life insurance is easy to arrange and administer.

You may be able to make a more significant gift than might otherwise have been possible.

You invest in the future of young people in our community.

By living charitably, you perpetuate your beliefs and serve as a role model for future generations.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please call Project Love at 440.442.5683.

This material is presented for informative purposes only and should not be construed as legal, tax or financial advice. When considering gift planning strategies, you should always consult with your own legal and tax advisors.



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